About the Society of Patrons Ltd.

The Weber Society of Patrons has set itself the aim of making the work of Jagna and Rainer Weber known well beyond the bounds reached so far on the European and international level and to assure that its awareness reflects the inherent quality of the work. In order to achieve this aim the Weber Society of Patrons works with national and international galleries which have the sculptures on permanent display.

Our founding members have in common our love of Jagna Weber's sculptures and Rainer Weber's beautifully crafted water-colors. Also, we are bound to the artists in friendship, in some cases dating back many years. Though we come from all walks of life, each one of us feels the Webers' art has enriched our individual sensual and aesthetic awareness. Art, as created by the Webers, enhances our perception of life as it points far beyond the limits of a euphoria engendered by short-lived, fashionable trends.

In token of our support each member has deposit equity ( >2,500) into the corporation to be used almost exclusively for the corporate acquisition of bronze sculptures, thus benefiting each member by a value increase of his equity.
Membership entitles the patrons to advantageous first purchase options on sculptures.